Sunday, May 28, 2017

Professor Bret Weinstein Meets His Frankenstein Monster

Bret, let me tell you that you deserved and continue to deserve everything coming your way.  You created these anti-freedom monsters and it is a DIRECT result of your leftist politics. 

Don't worry, soon nobody will be hiring your students because, seriously, who is ever going to hire liberal arts graduates?

More Nails on the Coffin of the Education Bubble

Universities are SLOWLY starting to offer classes and degrees on "Big Data" or "Data Science."

But then Microsoft came along and offered this.

This speaks to an idea I had wherein there would be a certification system ran by the government that would allow you to test to get degree equivalents, much like a GED, but for specific college degrees.  I even thought about profiting off of it offering classes much like COMPTIA and other companies do.  But the problem is the private sector (surprise surprise) is already actively offering such a product/service, AT LEAST FOR FIELDS THAT MATTER AND HAVE ECONOMIC VALUE.

The real issue is how do we obsolete the need to attend college and university for worthless LIBERAL ART DEGREES and thus (not only save millions of kids every year from financial servitude), but kill off the marxist, anti-freedom academic left once and for all?

And the answer is we can't.

As I've explained before, most students pursue liberal arts and humanities degrees NOT as investments, but as consumer goods.  They are paying for "the college experience" and never had any intention of their degree being useful, employable, or rigorous.  It is just one big entitlement, birthright, and party America's dumber high school students demand to be entitled to, and even if there was an "GED/certificate equivalent" (or heck, the library) they are still going to sign away on the dotted line to pay $200,000 for a worthless degree.

In short, there is no way to leverage technology, the internet, and online classes to provide a superior and cheaper educational alternative for liberal arts and humanities degrees because the people who pursue these degrees are NOT interested in cost, value, or ROI.  They are paying for an incredibly expensive experience, much like a 4 year spa treatment or 4 year vacation.

The sooner you realize the economic nature of liberal arts degrees are CONSUMER GOODS the sooner the insanity of the academic left will make sense.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Case for Evil

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

"The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" is an amazing movie and is an absolute must for every person to see.  There is the Hollywood-good "Blondie" played by Clint Eastwood.  The Saturday-morning-cartoon-villain bad "Angel Eyes" played by Lee Van Cleef. And the relateable ugly "Tuco" played by Eli Wallach.  The story that unfolds as the three try to abscond with $200,000 in Civil War gold is unrivaled and I shan't ruin a single bit of the movie for you here.  But the title is as catchy as the movie is good because it prompts people to conveniently categorize all of society into these three categories.

The good.
The bad.
The ugly.

The truth is, however, this is wrong.  Society does not break down neatly between the good, the bad, and the ugly, and this can be seen in the character of Tuco (the ugly).

Tuco may be dirty, low-life, skeeze. He may indeed be ugly.  But he has a trait that outshines his ugliness, puts him on par with the good and the bad, and makes it possible for the movie to happen.

He's smart.

And in the real world society does NOT neatly break down between

The good.
The bad
The smart.

It DOES, however, most certainly break down between

The good.
The bad.
The stupid.

And it is here a moral case for evil exists.

The Stupid

Understand nearly all western nations and societies can be broken down between the good, the bad, and the stupid.  Where a small 10% of the population is good.  Another small 10% of the population is bad.  And though both of these minorities are smart, the remaining 80% of society is stupid.

This makes the battle between good and bad a lopsided one (I'd even say deterministic) in favor of the bad.  The bad can easily prey upon the stupid.  The bad can easily convince the stupid they're good.  The bad can even get the stupid to attack the good.  And with a few mere lies, the bad can more or less have the stupid at their complete disposal.

The good on the other hand have to fight with one hand tied behind their back.  The good don't lie.  The good don't cheat.  The good have moral qualms taking advantage of the stupid.  Alas the good are not only constantly on the defensive, but outnumbered at times 9 to 1.  Worse, the good can never get around to actually doing good, progressing as a society or excelling at life, as the majority of their efforts have to go fighting the bad and vainly trying to convince the stupid they're not the enemy.  And so society wallows in painfully slow and incremental progress, often times regressing because the stupid are so easily duped by the bad.

Take for example democracies.  After 3,000 years of war, philosophy, revolution, and blood, western civilization finally evolved to the point we minimized the government and wrestled it under the control of the people.  Now, the stupid, over the past 100 years have been convinced by the bad (politicians) that a larger government is a good government, and in these past 100 years have largely undone what our western civilization ancestors so tenaciously fought for the past three millennia. 

Closely related, the democrats exclusive private property ownership of blacks.  Is there a better example of an evil group of people ruining the lives of another group of people with lies and false promises?  The democrats have convinced nearly 90% of blacks that their entire fate, their entire lives are controlled and oppressed by "whitey" and "republicans," and that the ONLY way they can get out of their oppression is by (surprise, surprise) electing more democrats into power.  The true evil of "the bad" in this scenario is where blacks continue to remain in last place, suffering mightily under democrat cities and policies, but are still so brainwashed they don't realize it is the bad/the democrats who are their true oppressors.

Paralleling very closely to the plight of blacks are another prey of the bad in this country - women.  Certainly the democrat party view women as a victim class to advance and enrich themselves, but feminism and feminists are the true villains in this movie.  Wanting to avoid real work at any cost, feminism and feminists have created and entire victim-whoring industry out of whole cloth.  And they did so by telling women the most damaging of lies.

Women are men.
Gender is a social construct.
You don't need a man.
Being a mom/stay at home wife is oppression.
You are oppressed.
The glass ceiling.
The wage gap.

Surprise, surprise again it is only feminism and feminists that can solve and remedy these injustices.  And the way we do this apparently is by creating entire departments of women's studies, channeling women into "social justice" or "liberal arts" fields (where they coincidentally pay $100,000 for worthless degrees), financing make work government programs to employ these otherwise unemployable people, replacing men with government checks, and convincing women that working, paying taxes, and a career is more important than having a husband or children.

But at what price?

There are now three full generations of women (baby boomers, Gen X and now millennials) who put a paycheck, a career, their politics, feminism, and their education ahead of their biological and heart-felt desires to have and raise a family.  They'll never admit it, but they're miserable and have wasted their entire lives.  But at least the bad feminists made off $100,000 in tuition, Oprah is a billionaire, Jimmy Choo made a lot of money on shoes, corporate America got some cheap labor, the government got a lot of tax revenue, and the democrats/labour/socialist party got a lot of votes.  What's only worse than the ruination of millions of women's lives is how they still claim to be independent minded when they were so obviously hoodwinked and screwed over by feminism.

How about the mentally ill?  Well, not really the mentally ill, but the legions of lazy young people who all want to claim they too are victims and in need of government assistance, legs up in society, handicaps, and hand outs and therefore falsely claim to have a mental illness?

Social anxiety disorder.

These things certainly may exist, but one thing is for certain - there certainly are millions of millennials, Gen Xer's, even baby boomer faking it all so they can collect government handouts, disability, legs up in society, and (last but not least) an excuse for their laziness and utter patheticness. 

Sadly, the bad is all too eager to help accommodate them in their own self delusion.

Not only do the usual socialist suspects rear their ugly heads to champion free mental health care, government programs, and blank government checks (all in exchange for a vote, of course), but the psychology "profession" and pharmaceutical industry are all too eager to capitalize on these faked mental illnesses.

Is your 9 year old boy acting like...well...a 9 year old boy?

Are you feeling down and depressed like...well...EVERYBODY does now and then?

Are you anxious because you're a pampered spoiled brat from the suburbs?

Are you just an evil, insufferable person conveniently looking to hide behind a made up mental disorder so you can continue to manipulate and abuse people?

And let's not forget the legions of psychology majors who are otherwise unemployable and rush to the scene to provide unneeded psychological services to children, long as they get to suckle on that government teat.

Never mind millions of people's lives will be ruined thinking/faking they have a mental illness.  The government, the psychology industry, and the pharmaceutical industry made billions off of these sheep.

And if the pharmaceutical and psychology industries didn't consume enough in billions of GDP, let's talk about a $1 trillion plus, per year industry where the bad just completely rape the stupid, while also COMPLETELY brainwashing them against the good.


Does a better example of evil exist, where people profit and parasite off of a naive and innocent people, than modern day liberal arts and humanities colleges?  The bad are so good at enslaving the stupid in this case I almost feel compelled to applaud them.  They not only convince the stupid that the good are their enemy, but they also:

1.  Convince the stupid they're entitled to free everything
2.  Convince the stupid that nothing is ever their fault.
3.  Convince the stupid they're smart.
4.  Convince the stupid to enslave themselves to the state

and (where I tip my hat to the bad)

5.  Convince the stupid to borrow $150,000, financially crippling themselves forever, to pay for these worthless degrees.

I know the stupid are the stupid, but for them to fall for such idiotic poppycock is unbelievable.

It's Good to Be Bad

The problem with this complete and total level of stupidity is that it lessens, if not outright ruins the lives of the good.  We not only have to fight the bad, but must also tolerate, often fight the stupid.  I argue this is the true societal cost of the stupid in that the good are not allow to come anywhere near to achieving their full potential.  If it weren't for stupid people we wouldn't be paying 40% in taxes, traffic would be non-existent, we would have landed on the moon in 1200 AD, and cancer would be cured.  Instead we need to bail out banks, single moms, liberal arts students, and dedicate nearly half our economy to shield the stupid from their own mistakes.

But if putting up with this total and complete price of stupidity wasn't insulting enough, what, I ask you, do we get in return for being good?  In the movies the good wins in the end.  In the movies the good vanquishes the bad and makes off with the girl  But what happens in the real world?

The truth is you're punished.

Any attempt at doing good in today's world is met with fierce resistance, not only from the bad, but the stupid as well.  And the bad are so good at brainwashing the stupid, they even have scripted verbiage they've trained these sheep to not only use, but actually believe in.

You're "racist!"
You're "sexist!"
You have "privilege!"
You're "oppressing me!"
There's "institutionalized ism/ist."
The "patriarchy."
The "glass ceiling."
Literally Hitler.

And merely being called names is the best punishment the good can hope for.

If you dare to help out the stupid, tell them the truth, or try to get them to wake up, you run the risk of losing your job, getting doxed, or having your entire career and life ruined, simply because you want to "be good."  Donglegate, Brendan Eich, and the Orwellian nightmare that corporate America is becoming is not only proof the bad are winning, but shows just how pervasive and successful the bad have become.

The simple question is, is it worth it?

Morality and religious reasons aside, take a cold, secular look at humanity and ask yourself why not be bad?  Not that bad or evil itself has merit, but does the stupid in society deserve the good?  And not only does the stupid deserve the good, but with their idiocy, ungratefulness, and outright hatred for the good, does not the stupid deserve the bad in spades?

It is here you almost have to reluctantly admit that "the bad" was right all along.  Of course, I argue the bad is bad because they're lazy and have no moral compass, accidentally choosing the right path. But from a practical, functional view it not only pays to be bad, but it is precisely what the stupid deserve.  In this case, you almost have to applaud and respect the democrat party, feminists, academia, the psychology industry, and all the other "bad" institutions for the James-Bond-Villain-level global domination plan they've pulled off.  And since the stupid is not only all for being the victim to these plans, but hates any good person that tries to help them, even going so for as to ruin these good Samaritans' lives, I cannot help but conclude:

It's good to be bad.

If a wife is going to cheat on her husband, you do yourself no favors refusing to sleep with her.  You simply pass up free sex because she's going to cheat anyway.  Might as well be the guy to bang her, because it's not going to change the outcome.

If a minority is going to vote for a democrat because of the free gibmedats, he's going to vote for the democrat no matter what.  You simply pass up a cushy public office position running as a republican.  His poverty is guaranteed regardless, so you might as well lie to him, run as a democrat, and get your government check as well.

If a 20 year old girl is going major in social justice, you're only going to piss her off telling her her dreams are stupid and she should major in engineering.  Ergo, push her along and encourage her to ruin her life.  You'll not only get on her good side (be you a parent or a boyfriend), but again, she was condemned to major in social justice anyway.

And all my contesting and fighting against the approval of bad loans during the run up to the housing bubble did absolutely nothing to stop it.  I would quite literally be a million dollars richer had I just played ball, and NOTHING, NOT ONE THING would be different.

And before you start claiming that any of the above would be immoral and unethical, realize being moral or ethical would have no effect on ANY of the outcomes above.  The only difference is whether you profited off of it in the end, delivering the lies the stupid so richly deserve, and were condemned to believe.

It is here I make the argument that for those of us who are "the good," we need to really sit and contemplate the consequences for being so.  I know some of you have children and therefore have a vested interest in doing what you can to make the future brighter for them.  I know some of you have religious reasons that would prevent you from taking such a Machiavellian approach to humanity.  But as I've alluded to in my podcasts before, I am very lucky to make a living as a purveyor of truth.  It took two decades and a life of hell to scratch out this morsel of business, but I am incredibly thankful for it and we do a lot of GENUINE good.  But the day it goes away, the day the stupid and/or the bad make it illegal, ban channels, ban sites, etc. etc., is the day they leave me no choice.  And if Oprah, the democrat party, bankster scum, and academia are any indication, that day is going to be a very profitable one for me indeed because I will aggressively sell the poison and lies the sheep so desperately crave.  Just be aware, that day might be coming for you too.  And it'd be best if you knew there was a moral case for evil.
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Friday, May 26, 2017

Socialist Men Less Manly


Just shocking!

I feel bad for millennial girls.

Good thing gender is just a social construct.

Why are Women Suckers for Fads and Bubbles?

You can almost see the MSM admit that there might be an education bubble.  But the problem is that runs contrary to their narrative that education is always good and always mandatory and "rah rah yea for women."

Oh foolish women.  Always buying that shinny new (and expensive) object in front of you.

Please, ladies, I'm being serious here now.  If you want to close the wage gape you need to start majoring in the right subjects. That is going to do more to ACTUALLY close the wage gap than whining about it or blaming "the patriarchy."  And that, is frankly, more help and honesty than you've ever received from feminism, your professors, diversity experts, or politicians.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Shock! Republican With Balls Wins!

Who knew America was sick and tired of prissy-white, lying saints as politicians and elected a man who slapped up a lippy journalist!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"National Millennial Day"

"With National Millennials Day, we want to turn the stereotypes inside--out.  To show that we're more GENERATION WE than Generation ME. To transform ideals into actions.  To inspire hope for the future.  To celebrate the most open-minded, connected, innovative, purpose-driven generation on the planet:  Millennials."

Because nothing says "selflessness" like demanding your own fucking national day.

Hat tip.

Episode #200 of The Clarey Podcast

No fucks given about the terrorist attack.
We are the top 10%.
IBM renegs on telecommuting deal.
Valedictorians don't excel in life.
"I want to change lives."


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

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Penises Cause Global Warming

It's sad when leftist academians don't pass the Turing Test.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Don't Let Corporate Profits Bother You

I have largely checked out of the realm of politics and finance.  Both entities/worlds are not controlled, nor influenced by me, but instead are determined by the unlimited sea of sheep, lemmings, and the politicians and corporate marketing shepherds that guide them into the slaughter house. This has turned politics, economics, finance, and in general, history, into a movie I watch, indifferent about the outcome, with no passion nor care about the characters.  This means most humans mean nothing to be, and so when they:

Buy a McMansion at the height of the housing bubble.
Investing in a dotcom in 1999.
Borrow $150,000 to major in a worthless subject
Volunteer at a refugee camp and get raped

and consequently have their lives ruined, I laugh at them because in my world they are merely non-sentient characters on the stage of life, all here for my entertainment.

So an article about IBM's stagnant revenues and profits prompting them to end their telecommuting policy, piqued my interest.  Was IBM having trouble?  Were their profits down?  I had no idea, I was too busy at the moment riding my motorcycle in the Black Hills to tune in.  But apparently it is true, IBM is having a bit of a tough time.  This then prompted me to research corporate profits overall and it seems it's the same movie being played at the "AMC CNCB Jim Cramer 25 Cineplex."

Corporate profits have indeed not only stagnated for IBM, but corporations overall.  Bar the oil price collapse of 1986 (which drove corporate profit growth to an all time low) the trailing 10 year average of corporate profits is at an all-time, post-1950's low:

I know the democrat/socialist movie directors want to tell you in this movie the economy has recovered and this is the new normal, but in the real world this does not bode well for the entire country and the millions of sheep who have been told to invest in the stock market via their 401k's, IRA's and 403b's.  I was hoping that with sclerotic corporate profit growth, corporate prices would be equally slow to grow, meaning they'd be cheap for the millions of Gen X'ers and Millennials who would like to also contribute to their retirement plans.  But alas, even after the 50% stock price crash in the S&P 500 during The Great Recession, stock prices have not only recovered to their pre-cash levels, but grew an extra 11% over what corporate profits warranted, making them EXTRA EXTRA pricey for millennial and Gen X sheep to buy.

This is on top of a longer and historically larger bubble where the stock market is essentially trading at twice the value it should be because of all the:

1.  Retirement dollars
2.  Low interest rate loan corporate buy back dollars
3.  Quantitative easing dollars

flooding the US stock market.

It is here I lose interest in the movie because I've seen this movie thrice before.  There was the "Housing Bubble" which came out in 2007 and starred Dick Fuld, Bernie Madoff, and Ben Bernanke.  There was "The Dotcom Bubble" which starred CNBC, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and a sea of idiot American sheeple.  And though most never bothered to view it, I did watch that old classic "The Tulip Bulb Bubble" starring the ENTIRE POPULATION OF HOLLAND.

All of them have the same plot.
All of them have the same outcome.
They are as boring, overdone, and scripted as the Fast and the Furious Series.

And just like the "Fast and the Furious" series promises to be the last one, they'll drag Vin Diesel's and Duane Johnson's ass out again and again and gain...

"for just one more time"
"because this is the last time"
"until the next time"
"for family"
"never again"
"until the next time"
"till I was never coming back"
"until we have to do it again"
"for the last time."

It won't be until the American sheeple actually learn from history, will they avoid these once-per-decade financial crises they inflict upon themselves.  Until that time, enjoy the show and enjoy the decline.
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

IBM and Female Boss' Hatred of Telecommuting

Meet one Michelle Peluso.

No engineering or programming experience.  BUT she DID work in the fashion industry and she has a degree from Wharton AND a rich daddy.

So she knows better than you stinky, nerdy, IBM geeks.

Friday, May 19, 2017

"College" vs. "Collage"

A little bit of help for college graduates...who don't know how to spell "COLLEGE"

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Curse Free (Sorta) Episode #23 of The Clarey Podcast!

Wearing velcro shoes in the 80's.
What happens to the losers post high school?
Harley riders are so cute.
Housing Bubble 2.0.
Marvel cancels racist comic.
Chris Connell who???


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If you don't know who he is, and don't care that he died, congratulations, you're intelligent.