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What Reitrement Looks like for Strong Independent Women

I predict cats.

Lot's of cats.

Why We Need Profit - Sound Cloud

If you are wondering where the podcast has gone and why I haven't been able to upload one recently, looks like SoundCloud has ran out of money, and thus, juice to keep the lights on.

When you f#cking idiot leftists wonder "why is profit so important" or if it's even necessary, this is why.  Because if there's no money to be made, then why would people, investors, workers, or managers, show the f up to work.

Currently driving across the US in an RV, will find a new host to host the Clarey Podcast later.  Might through it up on YouTube in the meantime.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Here's My Product, Go Buy My Shit, Give Me Your Fucking Money

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Blaming White People Does Not Produce GDP

First it was the Million Meg March, then it was a day without immigrants, then it was Netflix's "Dear White People," and these are merely three grains of sand to add to the desert of anti-white and anti-male propaganda that has been in full swing since the 90's.  I take a very indifferent and flippant attitude towards such things because when they're boiled down to their base elements, they're nothing more than socialists making a naked grab for other people's money while cowardly hiding behind their gender and their skin color.  However, this led me to a previous epiphany I've had before. Specifically, what do leftists do for a living?  While certainly some of the immigrants in the protest do indeed work, and one or two people at Netflix must do some real job, what precisely does the average Million Meg March participant do for a living?

Extend these three examples to leftists at large.  The Berkeley protestors that shut down Milo's attention whoring speech.  The protestors during Trump's inauguration.  And forget protestors, what about leftists in general?

Students, professional students, professors, academians, NGO employees, coffee slingers, activists, slacktivists, politicians, teachers, Peace Corp workers, AmeriCorp workers, public sector administrators, diversity counselors, diversity consultants, bloggers, vloggers, media personalities, etc. etc.

If you think about it, all they do is complain.  They never actually DO anything.  They never actually work.  Their entire "business" model, their entire profession, their entire life's existence is to bitch and whine, thereby rationalizing the theft of others (white males being the current target).

But I have bad news for leftists, regardless of your gender or skin color - complaining about white people and males doesn't produce GDP.

This makes me wonder, precisely what utopia are modern day leftists, especially academics, rushing towards?  Bar some Silicon Valley Virgins among them, none of them actually produce anything of economic value.  There are no farmers, no tradesmen, no butchers, no roofers.  There are no carpenters, mechanics, or almond growers.  Nearly all of the non-old-school-union-democrats offering nothing of tangible value to society, so who is going to keep the lights on?

Furthermore, like it or not, their most hated group - the Evil White Males - are the ones who do the majority of the producing and keeping the lights on.  This is in part because they account for the largest male percent of the US population, but it's also because (bar Asian males), white males enter professions that produce the majority of economic production, growth, and wealth (and is the number one reason they enjoy higher standards of living).  Without them, the United States would be a collapsed socialist hell hole, with a mere fraction of the standards of living it enjoys today...which will only serve to enrage the non-union left because, sadly, white males don't need you, but you need them.

Regardless, I'm writing this as a warning because what is guaranteed to happen is what always happens when the non-working, always complaining, academic, professorial, theoretical, air-conditioned class gets their way - communism.  And while to many leftists that is their goal, realize you're not all going to be professors.  You're all not going to be Vice Diversity Directors.  And realize you're not all going to be commissars, bureau chiefs, or life long public school teachers.  Like Zimbabwe, SOMEBODY is going to have to till the fields.  Somebody is going to have to go out at night to repair the downed electrical line.  And somebody will have to grow the food.  And all of you (especially you precious suburbanite white kids) with your worthless degrees, "Masters in Social Work," and whatever other unemployable, talentless dipshittery you claim to be an education, are simply incapable of producing those things.

This will ultimately culminate into one of two things.  A Zimbabwe like collapse where you replace competent, skilled, and trained people (white or not, male or not) with laughably incompetent replacements as the engines of economic growth


you will have to enslave the productive people to do your bidding while you play make-believe-leader at some made up, unnecessary government job or all work as "teeeeeaaacheersssss."  The latter of which will not work either because slaves are not as productive as free people, and well, frankly, at least half the men I know would rather kill as many of you as possible and die themselves before they get on that cattle car.

Of course, I could be wrong.  Perhaps somewhere in the world's financial exchanges there's a market for "Complaining About Whites."  Perhaps people are willing to pay good money and currency for "Fighting Against the Patriarchy."  And I know, like gold, your "Masters in Ethno-Victim-Whoring Studies" carries the cache and intrinsic value just like the skills of an electrician.

But, as an economist, if I had to put my money on it?  I'd say you'll all be eating dirt and boiling sewer water, wiping your asses with your "Doctorates in Anthropology," still psychotically obsessed with blaming it all on "white males" because your ego cannot sustain the fact you're an economically worthless person and you have nobody to blame but yourselves for your craptastic lives.

So please, for your own benefit.  So you don't waste any more of your finite and quickly dwindling life that you've wasted already.  Please do something of value BESIDES bitching about other people.  Because bitching and whining never solved anything.  And majoring in it to the tune of $150,000 in student debt doesn't help either.
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Cappy's Petroglyph Adventure

Some petroglyphs from my hike today.  If your hike did not include petroglyphs, then you did it wrong.  Go back and try again.

Word Hyperinflation - "Fascist"

Applying economics and the Law of Supply to language, when a market is flooded with a term or a word, especially when it is being used for ulterior motives, it lessens the value of said word.  I'm of the economic belief that there is a direct and linear relationship between the supply of money and it's value, thus if you double the money supply you lessen the value of the money by half.  However, applying the same principle to words the left likes to use when it's losing an argument, I decided to look up the word "fascist" because all the cool kids are using it now to describe a democratically-elected president...who also is looking to lessen government involvement in business and society...which is the exact OPPOSITE of what fascism is.

Regardless, SJW's, antifa's, millennials, and other ignorants have abused the term "fascist" so much that the market has been flooded with 5 TIMES the amount of "fascist" as historically normal.  This means today the word carries roughly only 20% of the value it used to and can officially be considered meaningless by adults and mature responsible people.

This has been your "Word Hyperinflationary Moment"

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Negro Manosphere

If you don't know, Oshay Jackson is an up-and-coming-and-blowing-people-out-of-the-water YouTuber directly chartering the black male community with agency, purpose and responsibility.  I wanted to highlight his channel not just for him kindly plugging my book a while back, but to provide a resource to any young black men out there who would like to hear another black man's voice.  His blog can be found here and his YouTube channel here.  Stop in and say hello.

Is Wealth Toxic?

Travel with me to West Bloomington.  You are already likely familiar with East Bloomington in that it is the suburb which hosts the Mall of America.  But unless you were native to the Twin Cities you would not know that while East Bloomington is largely a ghetto with a mall in it it, it's western brother is much more hoity toity, much more posh, and infinitely richer.  In the 90's I would permit myself one night off during Christmas break to travel through the neighborhoods to look at the Christmas lights and wonder how the rich people lived...that was until the demographics changed and now the current occupant Gen Xers no longer celebrate Christmas and the light display has gone to pot.

Neither here nor there, I would dream what went on behind those closed doors of those proto-90's McMansions, but 10 years later I would wonder no more for I would see it first hand.

A rank and file spoiling of the worlds most worthless children.

I luckily/unluckily knew a family that lived in one of West Bloomington's larger mansions and while on the outside it looked luxurious, rich, and problem-free, on the inside it was hell.  The wife was cheating around on the husband.  Their finances were always stretched to the limit.  And I had never seen so much worthless "stuff" packed into one house.  But the worst was the children.  The husband was a pushover, neither disciplining his children nor standing up to his wife, and consequently suffered belligerent children, a back-talking son, and a wife that was just as prone to use the kids in a "King of Thrones" way against him, as she was him against them.  The husband was certainly spineless, but I couldn't help but realize that if he didn't make $250,000 a year, then the economic realities of poverty would make it a lot harder for him to spoil them, and a lot easier to tell them "no."  This would result in much better behaved children and ones I didn't feel like (honestly) punching square in their 8 and 10 year old faces.

Travel north and a little bit east to the gated community of North Oaks, and allow me to tell you a tale I've told some of my readers before.  This was the story of the Asian Princess whose parents had a net worth of over $1 billion.  After being set up by a friend, I thought she was doing me a favor on account this Asian Princess was super hot, cheerleading for the Timberwolves or the Vikings (I couldn't remember which).  And while the sex was good, it was brief as she went full-on psycho because I didn't offer to buy her a soda when stopping for gas one time.

I kid you not.  A full grown, then 23 year old "woman" threw a temper tantrum, crying and screaming along I-394 all the way to Hwy 280 where the spectacle ended with her threatening to commit suicide.  Being a naive 24 year old at the time, I genuinely thought she had mental problems, when in reality she was just another spoiled rich bitch the American suburbs were ramping up production of at the time.

And then there is the election of Trump.

Though this may not seem related, or at least tangential, it shares the same common thread as the two examples above.

Trump got elected.
Trump won fair and square.
Trump is your president whether you like it or not.
And you have every right to vote him out in 4 years.

Yet none of this seemed to dawn or register with what I estimate to be a good 33% of the population.

The cumulative cry-baby, temper-tantrum shit show put on full display for the world to see by the left is on par with, perhaps even improving upon, the soda-deprived temper tantrum the Asian Princess threw and the back-talking brats of my long-ago friend in West Bloomington.  Be it the riots of Berkeley destroying people's freedom of speech, to the Million Meg March, to the terabytes of pure stupidity and ignorance displayed daily on social media by millennials, it does not take a deep-thinking sociologist or political analyst to realize a third of the country desperately needs a disciplinarian father figure to metaphorically spank the ever living shit out of them.  And while we can chalk these behaviors up to leftist indoctrination in the schools, or the lack of fathers, or the surplus of spineless fathers, I think there is a larger determining factor that explains this nation-wide phenomenon of spoiled brat behavior.


If there's one lesson I've learned from Asshole Consulting it's that people cannot learn unless they suffer, and suffer mightily.

Fuck "positive reinforcement."
Fuck "not keeping score."
And fuck encouragement.

Lessons are only learned, and learned most expeditiously, when there is immense pain, agony, and cost associated with it.

I can scream at the top of my lungs,

"Don't major in stupid shit!"


"That 24 year old girl with big tits and a 50 year old boyfriend is leading you on and in it for the money!"


"Don't buy that boat!"

And I can provide every bit of reason, logic, empirical data, and evidence as to why you shouldn't do these things.  But people will still end up with

$150,000 in student loans for a Masters in Anthropology,

a broken heart and broken nose, and

the financial world of trouble that is known as a boat.

It is then, and ONLY THEN do they realize what I said was right.  It's why I charge an egregious fee because in order for my clients to learn it needs to hurt.  And it's worth every penny because $100 of preventative pain is better than the $150,000 and decades worth of damage.

But no matter how vital pain is to advance and progress in life, there is one thing that acts as a shield against it, and therefore blunts and counters any real life learning that is so vital and desperately needed to be successful in life.

Money.  More specifically, wealth.

Take for example two seemingly unrelated groups of people.

SPWL suburbanite brat princesses and welfare ghetto trash.

While they may have very little in common, what they do have in common is that they are indeed shielded from the full costs and consequences of their mistakes.

Daddy's little Suburbanite Princess can wreck a car, major in stupid shit, flail about in life well into her 30's and never suffer an ounce of pain, starvation, or reprecussions because daddy will simply bail her out.

You typical ghetto/trailer/barrio trash may not have the benefactor of a rich SWPL suburbanite daddy warbucks, but they have Daddy Government bailing them out just the same.

Didn't want to study hard in school?  Got pregnant at 15?  Got in trouble with the law?  Started dealing drugs?  Never majored in a stupid subject because you never made it to college or trade school?  Didn't save up anything for retirement?  Had more kids than you could afford?

No worries what so ever!  The government errr....Obama...errr the taxpayer will pay for everything and bail you out just like that worthless Suburbanite Princess.

And the consequences are the same - worthless, parasitic people who live off of others and are a drain on society.

In my 40 years of life on this planet, watching everything from spoiled rich kids at parochial school, to spoiled brats at "The Carslon School of Management," to dating scores of suburbanite princesses, to my beloved governor Mark Dayton, to Presidents Bush and Obama, to watching both the bankers and their clients getting bailed out by the government, I am COMPLETELY and thoroughly convinced that money/wealth is absolutely 100% toxic to human beings.  At best it turns them into worthless layabouts like the Kardashians, and at worst it turns them into evil, vile, destructive people like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

This puts society, not to mention my capitalist-loving self, at a quandary.  Money and wealth is what improves and enhances our standards of living.  It's what humanity and every person has been working towards and desires.  Infinite wealth is what economists (in theory) dream to be the perfect utopia.  But if money is so destructive to the human mind and the rest of humanity, how can this be reconciled.

Simple.  The one thing that inoculates humans against the toxic effects of wealth.

Earned wealth.

You have to work for it.

I've often debated starting a "Spoiled Brat Trust Fund Baby Camp" wherein I'd put the world's most worthless spoiled brats through a painful bootcamp.  It wouldn't involve push ups or 10 mile runs, but simply cutting them off from their parents' finances and dropping them off at the bus station with $1,000 and saying "good luck!"  Every great once in a while a rare rich kid does this (I recall an heir to a 1920's fortune running away from his family so he could live among the normal people - his name escapes me now), but for the most part pampered children lack this level of maturity, discipline, rigor, and introspection.  Regardless, the point is the only way people can learn the value of a dollar and never be corrupted by money and wealth is by staring starvation and poverty right in the face, perhaps even wrestling with it for their very own life, so they know PRECISELY what it takes for an individual to support him/herself and just what a precious commodity money truly is.  It also humbles them so they know what the average person on the street endures and suffers, resulting in a communal respect for your fellow man, especially those not born into the Mark Dayton family wealth.

It is doubtful that the rich, even those who borrow their wealth to spoil their children (which are many more in number than you may realize), will have the perspective, insight, and true consideration for their follow man and society to raise their children unspoiled, unpampered, and bounced around a little bit in the tough world of reality.  Often times this is due to the originator of the wealth loving their children to the point they do not want them to suffer.  Other times it's simple hubris and ego about "their family" being better and more important than others.  Regardless, the result is the same - worthless people who lack the ability to love their fellow man, have an entitlement problem, lack the ability for altruism and empathy, and frankly are the cause of the majority of problems and corruption we witness in the world today.

If rich people really want to help the world, and if leftists really want to help the poor, and if you want to stop raising the worthless lot of college protestors living off of the government-student-loan-dime, stop spoiling your children.

Be it a trust funder
A 5th generation welfare bum
A 6th generation single mom
Or daddy's precious suburbanite princess and prince majoring in Social Justice Warrior studies on his 3rd-mortgage-dime

knock it the fuck off with blank checks and unlimited government bailouts and force them to become real world, full-agency, self-supporting adults.

Not only will they thank you in the long run, but society won't collapse either.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Episode #185 of The Clarey Podcast!

How do women clean bras?
Review of John Wick.
Why white people won't boycott Netflix.
Time vs. Financial Debts.
Christians upset about Cappy's article.
Eliminating the liberal arts.


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Prof. Josh Roiland Should Serve as a Warning to All Liberal Arts Majors

Are you millennials waking up to just what a racket these posers and frauds in colleges and universities are?  They can't even support themselves!

Seriously, buy my book "Worthless" and don't become a worthless person like Josh Roiland.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Ice Box Canyon and the Talented Mr. Le

Some pictures from Ice Box Canyon (named after a cold, Christian ex of mine) and a hike with my good friend, The Talented Mr. Le:

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Marvel Backing Off Politics?

Highly doubt it.  Their talentless writers (like many Gen X'ers and Millennials) have substituted politics and virtue signalling in for genuine accomplishment.  But there seems to be hope!

Yes, John Wick 2 is Really That Good

Feminism is Largely a Western White Woman Affair

An outstanding article from Return of Kings that I read in preparation for an Asshole Consulting client.  One of the best, if not, "the" best article I've seen about how race, history, and economics results in feminism being largely a white western woman affair.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

St. Paul Public School Teachers Getting Exactly What They Deserve

Oh nosies!  After refusing to discipline children based on race, the kids are starting to terrorize the public schools!  But before you start feeling sorry for the teeeeaccheeerrrsss, remember, they voted for it, and as far as I'm concerned, deserve it:

St. Paul Public School Teachers Reap What They Sow by aaron-clarey

Friday, February 10, 2017

Curse Free Episode #17 of the Clarey Podcast!

RV's aren't an investment.
Cappy's dream of a South Dakota farm and classic car shop.
"They Say"
Marc Mevzinsky, Cappy's New York Pathetic Nemisis.
Why St. Paul Public School teachers deserve their students.


In THIS CURSE FREE EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

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Dr. John Bates, Global Warming Whistleblower, Confirms Bias of "Climatologists" and NOAA

I don't know how much more proof you people need to see global warming is a scam.

Oh, wait, that's right.  You're worthless people with nothing of real value or purpose in your lives so you subscribe to this global warming religion all so you can feel good about yourself without putting for the effort required of real achievements.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

If Christians Led with the Truth Instead of Lies, They'd Have the World They Wanted

A friend of mine put me on to a Pastor John MacArthur.  Though agnostic, I am not against listening to religious sermons in that traditional religions are often sources of wisdom, advice, and philosophy.  And if you get a good presenter such as Mr. MacArthur even an agnostic hell-bound heathen such as myself can glean a valuable lesson or two from him.  However, enroute from Phoenix to Vegas I was listening to a particular sermon from Pastor MacArthur about the role of government in a Christian's life, specifically how a Christian may be prone to respond negatively to over-taxation.  And while I was interested in how a religious person would view the role of an increasing socialist state into one's private life, he cited a common complaint that is the subject of my post today.

The lamentation of anti-religious types trying to purge Christianity from the government and history of the US.

This is nothing new.  Most recently near my hometown, Belle Plaine became the (almost) victim of the reprehensible attention whore, Annie Laurie Gaylor and her "Freedom from Religion Foundation."  Gaylor has a lengthy rap-sheet of harassing small American towns to provide her meaningless life with a meaningless point, but she is certainly not the only person driving the purge of religion, "god," and Christianity from the government.  Hawaii's legislature succumbed to the pressure of the ACLU to do away with prayer before their sessions.  Schools are doing the same.  And in general most democrats and leftists seem to have a vendetta against religion in places where it's been historically, traditionally, culturally, and above all else, benign.

This then begets decries from the Christian community as they see god, Jesus, Christianity, etc., increasingly removed from their culture, to the point it's logical conclusion will be, like smoking, that you'll only be able to do it, observe it, and partake in it within the confines of your own home.

But what really confuses Christians is the seeming personal nature of Gaylor, the ACLU, and leftists in general.  Why don't they pick on Jews?  Why don't they pick on Muslims (they're cowards).  And why are they seemingly searching for problems that don't exist, just to give them the fabricated rationale to further erode and eat away at Christianity in America?

Well I have a theory.  And though my theory may not be right, and it may not stop this uncalled-for assault on Christianity in America, it might at least explain why and therefore provide some sanity to my Christian brothers and sisters.

You lied.

And more so, you lied to the absolutely worst people you possibly could.  Christian children.

My Christian colleague Chris Bechtloff, who I love dearly, likes to simply dismiss this as the "Fuck You Dad Stage" of Christian children.  Children raised under Christian homes are forced to attend church.  And as they age, natural rebellion sets in.  You add a bit of secular or atheist philosophy from school, and like a 15 year old highschooler claiming he's an "anarchist" or a "marxist," soon you have a rebellious teenager leaving the church for good because it's cool, it's fun, or (frankly) you're so poorly educated in your own religion, you can't tender the arguments to reason him or her back.

But whereas this plays out in practically every Christian household resulting in the rank and file Americans who inevitably return to the church when they have their own children, the future Annie Gaylor's of America, the ones who actively wage war against Christianity are ironically forged in the furnaces of the most Christian (and I would say extremist) of homes.

Be it a born again Christian family where the parents falsely use "god" as an excuse/forgiveness for their mistakes and force the fanaticism upon their children

The family of a pastor/preacher where god and the church and him/herself are more important than the children and the bible is manipulated to verify it so

Or just good ole fashioned hate-filled, power-hungry sadists who "lord" the bible over their children as a means to control them juuuuuuuust under the line of law of abuse

that is the fire that turns your children from obedient little future Christians, to the Anakin Skywalkers of the Christian world who will wreak massive havoc on the Christian community in the future.

And it all starts with a "first step lie."  A "virginal lie" or "original sin" if you will.

You tell them you have proof that Christianity is the true religion....

oh...I almost forgot!!

and if you don't believe that you will burn in hell.

This is bad enough scaring the piss out of little 3 and 4 year old children who want another cookie, but are threatened with eternal damnation for daring to covet said cookie.  But the extremism, the zealotry, the fanaticism that some Christian households have is that incredible pressure that galvanizes a future enemy of Christianity.  And it is that pressure, combined with that innocent lie up front that creates the people presenting the majority of the problems you face in America today.

For what will inevitably happen, especially under hate-filled Christian households, is a child will try his or her best to appease and adhere to the impossible (and often changing) standards of their parents, pastor/s, and teachers.  In the process, this hate-filled Christian household will ruin that child's childhood.  They don't know that of course because they're in the thick of it, but they will grow up.  And when they do, they will come to realize a few key things.

1.  Their childhood was wasted.  Matter of fact there was no childhood to speak of.  And with the demanding pressures of self-supportation, survival, employment and general adulthood upon them, there's no way they can ever get it back.

2.  They family was ruined.  I know, I know, "God is more important than the family," "Abraham Issac," those are really cute lies evil people hide behind and abuse Christianity with in order to excuse their lack of parenting, love, or effort in raising children.  But no matter how you excuse it, the child has no family, and they WILL realize that when they're older, and your religion will be to blame.

3.  No matter what you say, Christianity (and all religions) are circular in their logic and proofing.  You have no empirical evidence. You have no scientific proof.  And Christianity (as is all religions) is not proven by the scientific method.  You can go ahead and rush to your bibles (or Torahs or Korans) and try to rush to the page where some nomad high on khat wrote something while sunstroked in the desert 4,000 years ago, but I know you know that isn't proof because...

4.  Four...ah yes...four.  In the end, when you get into it with even the most ardent of preachers, the most devout of pastors, they inevitably concede it's all about belief.  It's all about faith.  Ultimately there is no proof, and the entire religion hinges on your belief in Jesus.  This is so key to Christianity that my father's (and many other pastors') churches were/are ACTUALLY NAMED "FAITH."

But think about that.  "Faith."

Not "Proof."

Not "Evidence."

Not "Empiricism."

You name your churches FUCKING FAITH.

Which means that first lie you told to those little 2 and 3 year olds, was precisely that.  A lie.  And a lie that costs those innocent children their lives, or at least their childhoods.

Alas, when you sheepishly admit to the now-adult child, who now has the logic and reasoning ability to get you into a corner, that it was all a lie AND that the price was a lost childhood, a lost family, untold mental torment, AND a likely dysfunctional and impaired future...

what the hell did you think they were going to do? 

They are going to go on the war path and exact their pound of flesh with a couple gallons of blood for interest for a debt that quite literally cannot be paid back. 

Alas, you needn't "wander the desert" anymore.  These people actively, passionately, and aggressively attacking Christianity are Christianity's own creations. They are your own Frankenstein monsters who are turning on you.  And though I charge egregious "Dr. Emil Schaffhausen" fees for my advice, let me impart a little free advice to the Christian community.

Lead off with the truth with your children about your religion.

Tell them it is a BELIEF, a FAITH, a THEORY you have and choose to believe in.

Present to them your bible and the many founts of wisdom within.  Explain to them why you believe those things and subscribe to such doctrine and why you think the child should too.

Even WAIT until they're old and mature enough to understand the concept of "beliefs," "faiths," the "after-life" and morality and make your case then.

If you do that they may just stick with Christianity.  Better still, in the long run they might actually turn out to be genuine Christians who understand the faith and are sincere in their belief, unlike 95% of the posers you have filling up the pews now.

But for the true love of God, don't break your own damn 9th commandment by lying to your own children.
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