Thursday, December 08, 2016

Rogue One Promises to be Another SJW Sermon Against White Males

From my latest piece at Return of Kings:

"We can pick on Brett [White] all we want (and I will because I and about 60 million other white males are done being accused of evil because of “melanin and penis” by talentless, worthless people like him), but Brett and Rogue One’s anti-white male politics is merely Hollywood’s confession that they are plumb out of talent, intelligence, originality, innovation or ability.  They are so incapable of coming up with new ideas that, like a talentless trustfund baby minimalist artist, their only idea is to “add leftist/racist politics” to an already existing work of art.  It’s nothing more than an inferior scumbag “tagging” the Mona Lisa with political-graffiti because they lack the real talent to make something as great as the original.  And it’s proven by all the remakes, reboots, and sequels Hollywood is making."

Related from 2 years ago.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Pay Somebody Else to Do Your Homework!

Wanted to remind all my younger readers of my longest serving sponsor "Academic Composition."

In short, Academic Composition realizes college for what it is - an unnecessary and expensive hurdle the education industry is forcing you to jump through/pay for with your life.  But what makes it worse are all those completely worthless "pre-requisite classes" that have NOTHING to do with your major and only exist to extract more money from you to pay worthless, liberal-arts grad students and professors.

So do what smart corporations do - outsource your mundane pointless homework to Academic Composition.  They will write your papers for you so you don't have to.

Also, they're always hiring new writers, so if you know how to BS your way through a pro-Marxist, fuck white-males, type of liberal arts paper, and you don't mind working from a beach, a bar, or your bed, contact Alex at Academic Composition by clicking on the contact button.

Alex is also looking for marketers all the time as well.  Neither job is exciting, but it pays AND, unlike your baby boomer professors and bosses, you won't have to commute.

Why 22 Year Old Girls String Along 45 Year Old Men

After getting stood up 4 times, a client asks how to "keep" a 22 year old girl.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Cappy is Going on Vacation

Hi All,

The Ole Captain got orders from some "guy" who has a "medical degree" or something to take some time off.  So I am doing nothing this week.  In my stead will hopefully be some friendly neighborhood bloggers and podcasters you all know and love and Davis.  Also, Asshole Consulting will be on hiatus for this week, unless people are willing to pay double the price.  In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy your week and for the love of f@#$ing christ, will you guys go buy some shit on my Amazon affiliate page?

Love and kisses,


While Cappy's Away Bob Davis and Jen Lokken Will Play

Bob Davis had Jennifer Lokken on his show about how women should treat their men and how men are going ghost.

New Cover for Enjoy the Decline!

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Old School Democrats vs. Modern Day Democrats

I would like to go into a long and detailed poli-socio analysis, but I think this is much more succinct and on point:

Cappy Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas!
(and yes, there is a larger picture, but I don't see a lot of Christmas shopping getting done!)

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Curse Free Episode #13

Amy Schumer playing "Barbie."
Rouge One Promises to be an SJW Lecture Against White Males.
Why are poor people fat?
NEVER help a woman stranger.  That's the job of the government.
The "Dindoo Statute of Limitations"


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Don't Delay What Can Be Done Today

Do yourself a favor by saving yourself 8 hours and headache of frantic last-minute Christmas shopping, and do all your Christmas shopping NOW online.  It's going to cost you more in the long run if you continue to procrastinate, so don't delay what can be done today!

I guess the link below generates a 12% commission instead of 7%:

Friday, December 02, 2016

Friday Day Linkage

A Phd in Young Adult Climate Change Literature.  Cynical libertarian rants about it here.

Fuck the WWII generation. They didn't know anything!  Hippies from the 60's in Canada know much better.

Record gun sales, which surprises me.  Would've thought Obama's two elections would have had everybody stocked up.  Hat tip.

Again, I will not protect western women unless I personally know them AND they vote in a manner that does not stab me in the back or let anti-western civilizations in.

And he ain't even been inaugurated yet!

Finally, somebody makes sense of Russia for me.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

The Truth About Yahoo "News"

They're a bunch of dumbasses:

Only Cucks Will See "Rogue One"

I was almost going to see Rogue One when I saw this:

"When I look at the 'Rogue One' trailers, I see what I want from America. I see a multicultural group standing strong together led by a rebellious and courageous woman. That's what we are working towards, and what we will continue to work towards no matter what. That's what America - a land created as a haven for the persecuted, to be able to realize their limitless dreams - was created to be."

But no no.  Don't let me get in the way of your precious SWPL republicans Starbucks, Apple Products, and other ways you support genuine racists and socialists.

The Economic Value of a Social Justice Warrior

"OMG! Al-Qaeda is SO 2000's!"

I had a curious question.  Whatever happened to Al-Qaeda?  Did we defeat them?  Did they retire?  Did they just go away and raise sheep?  I truly have no answer because like most Americans I'm too busy with my life and have zero fucks to give.  But my spidey senses weren't lying to me.  "Al-Qaeda" is sooooo 2000's!  It's ISIS that's getting all the attention now:

Safe Space with Taleeb Starkes

Going to be on his show here in a couple minutes.

Professor Watchlist

OH hell yes!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Temper Your Hopes for Trump

The election of Donald Trump was historic.  Not because of his unconventional manner in which he ran his campaign.  Not because of his unconventional style in which he runs himself.  And not because every presidential election is historic.  It's genuinely historic because...

he is the first non-politician to be elected since Dwight Eisenhower.

This is the real reason people should have hope in Donald Trump.  Because he was never a politician.  And though my support for Trump is timid, and I am forever the pessimist, if there is a president I can see who will actually make tangible improvements, it's Donald Trump because he has 0 F's to G.

This, however, does not mean I'm a screaming, feinting school girl whose watching Elvis swing his hips.  I'm not some teeny bopper bobby-soxer crying because the Beatles are on the Ed Sullivan Show.  I'm not some hippy baby boomer woman getting wet to Mick Jagger.  And I'm certainly not some black single-mom of 7 from the south side of Chicago fawning over Barack Obama at Grant Park.  But some people on the right, including colleagues of mine ARE when it comes to Donald Trump.

Ergo, just like the insanely-over-rated Beatles music
The OD-ing Elvis Presley
And the failed-to-perform Affirmative Action president

people on the right need to temper their expectations of Trump.

First, the man hasn't done anything yet.  Heck, he hasn't even been inaugurated!  But I've heard people heralding his coming as the "saving of America," or the "dawn of a second golden age."  I even recall an article (or a comment, I can't remember which) saying that there will never be a democrat president ever again.

Please.  You have to be kidding me.

I prefer to look at Trump as I would any prospective date with a girl or business I conduct with a company - Nothing happens until it happens.

Just because a girl agrees to a date doesn't mean she's going to show.  And just because you've done work for a company, doesn't mean you're going to get paid.  The girl can stand you up at the last moment and the company's check can bounce.  Ergo, I think it is wise to judge Trump's performance....when there's a performance to actually judge.

Second, as I've said before, Trump does not get to willy nilly dictate new laws.  He has a congress where both parties hate him, and members even within his "own" party are RINO enough to vote with the democrats.  This of course would not reflect upon Trump if congress decides to get in his way, but it will directly affect what he can and cannot deliver to the American people.

Third, if any real progress is to be made, the challenges facing him are (in his own words) "uuuuge."  Deporting 3 million illegals, re-establishing American sovereignty, restructuring Obamacare, deconstructing the leftist education industry, solving social security/medicare, closing the deficit, paying off the debt, scaling back the welfare state.  These challenges will present Trump incredible backlash, even necessary violence in the street if he is to seriously solve these problems.  At best a president has maybe managed to solve one problem of this magnitude during his entire tenure (Clinton closing the deficit, though that was due to the dotcom bubble economy, and Bush Jr. landing the largest tax cuts since Reagan...along side the largest spending increases since LBJ).  But to have Trump tackle all 8, and successfully so?  I would not hold your breath.

And finally, demographics.  Understand one of the main (and many) reasons Trump won was because the democrats put up a HORRIBLE candidate, while also alienating its base by cheating Bernie Sanders out of a fair primary race.  This resulted in 2 million less voters turning out for Hillary than did Obama.  Ergo, it's not so much that Trump "won over America" as much as it was Hillary pissing off blue-collar democrats and anybody with a soul.  This suggests Trump's win was a lucky fluke, and if we look at long term demographic trends in the US, I believe it's the LAST TIME we will see a republican presidency. 

By 2047 whites will no longer be the majority population in the US.  This doesn't mean that minorities always vote left....but minorities always vote left.  Combine this with the fact younger generations, fresh from the brainwashing academy of the public schools and American colleges, vote left more than...well...ever and there is a structural trend in America's voting bloc against conservatism, freedom, liberty, capitalism, and the individual.  The ONLY hope the republican party (and America) has is to win over minority males with blunt force truth and talk about the reality of the country, the world, the economy, and (frankly) women.  Trump achieved a modicum of this, winning over more minority males than Romney and McCain, and if there's an ounce of intelligence within the GOP (which there is not) they would try to reverse engineer the formula why, and mass produce it in time for the next election.

Still, even though I know this secret formula (stop treating minority men like idiots and explain how the government has replaced them), it is doubtful there's enough conservatives and libertarians in the country who have the balls like Trump to disseminate this message to minority males, thereby winning them over.  And it is because of that I am warily hopeful of a Trump presidency, and infinitely confident that in 4-8 years we will once again be enjoying the decline.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Episode #175 of The Clarey Podcast - "Will Women EVER Stop Complaining About Sexism?"

More shed issues
Showing off your master bedroom is weird
Fan mail
Will women ever stop complaining about "sexism?"


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Simplifying Marxism

Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and Aurini

To my great pleasure, my friend and colleague Davis Aurini started up his YouTube channel again.  I enjoy his videos very much because I lack any formal education or training in philosophy and his channel does an amazing job of separating the wheat from the chaff for people like me who have an interest in philosophy, but aren't stupid enough to waste 8 years studying it in college.

So when his video "Lenin and Trotsky: Early Marxist Philosophers - An in Depth Analysis" was posted, I was excited because while I am thoroughly familiar with the economic side of Marxism, I knew little of its philosophical underpinnings.  So off I went, downloaded the video, converted it to an MP3, put it on my phone and started listening to it over the course of my day.

It was a 41 minute waste of time.

Not because Mr. Aurini did a poor job or somehow failed to make any kind of interesting philosophical insights (it's actually impossible for him not to).  But because he made a mistake that ensured he wasted his time making the video, I wasted my time listening to it, and anybody else who studied communism wasted their time too. And that mistake was he stayed within these long-dead communists' frame, and in doing so lent credence, credibility, and legitimacy to faulty premises and arguments.

Faulty Premises Waste Our Time

Not that I am against "communist premises and arguments."  I certainly am in a real world, but the point I am trying to make here is one of argument and debate tactics.  One of trying to advance one's philosophical understanding on anything (communism included) in the most efficient way possible.  And if we operate from flawed, faulty or (what I contend is the case of the original communist philosophers) intellectually-dishonest premises, all - AND I MEAN ALL - time, effort, energy, and resources spent discussing it, debating it, and philosophizing about it, are wasted.

And communist philosophy is the epitome of what I'm talking about here.

For example, take two premises about communism and what it is.

1.  Communist philosophers' views on communism


2.  My own.

The communist philosophers' opinions and views on communism are lengthy, long, varied, diverse, and arguably limitless.  They are complex, ever-evolving, and encompass completely new concepts, theories, and vocabulary that didn't exist a short 200 years ago.  Karl Marx's "Das Kapital" alone is 610 pages.  The "essential" works of Lenin only comes in at 410 pages.  Trotsky's "History of the Russian Revolution" is 1,040 pages.  And that's just arguably the first three founding members of communism!  You throw in the literally millions of pages that have been written by other communists, leftist-journalists, propagandists, and (perhaps the most prolific writers of them all) academians, and there are hundreds-of-thousands of life-time works dedicated towards communism, what it is, its theories, and its philosophies.

Now replace all of that with my own personal take on communism:

"It's an excuse for lazy fucks to steal your shit so they don't have to work"

and ask which premise is more accurate, more grounded in truth, and is therefore going to result in more progress being made about this political philosophy.

Simplifying Marxism

To be honest, I don't have the time, and neither do you, to sit and listen to the fanciful blatherings of socialists in academia or the meandering, blathering, screeds of long-dead and empirically disproven "philosophers."  And especially so in light of communism's abysmal historical economic and human rights track record.  But more importantly, we need to step back, clear our eyes, and ensure we don't fall for the very first trap communists always lay.  And that trap is that somehow their philosophy of "communism" is a philosophy at all.  That it has merit.  That the debate of communism is some kind of "higher-intelligence" debate that is the preserve of PhD's, academics, and "social scientists" AND can only be argued within the confines of "communist philosophy."  We need to never accept this premise in the first place, rejecting their flawed frame, therefore avoiding the faux-philosophical pablum and hokum that ensnared Aurini, and did nothing to genuinely advance or resolve the debate about communism.

So permit me to offer a much more succinct, concise, and empirical explanation of communism that will save us all a lot of time, a lot of headache, tons of brain cells, not to mention, explain what communism truly is and advance society more than Marx ever did.

Communism is a method by which lazy people concoct reasons and rationales to steal other people's money legally.

That's all it is.

There's nothing more to it than that.

They're lazy people, deathly afraid of work, labor, and toil, and instead of suffering the pain of work that all of us do, they'd rather spend lifetimes concocting reasons why the rest of society should be enslaved to provide them a free living.  And that's precisely what they do.

Academians constantly begging for more money in fake disciplines such as "sociology," "women's studies," and "lesbian-Portuguese-Anthropological-Studies" all so they can avoid the real world. 

Millennial college students forever perpetually putting off adulthood, DEMANDING their student loans be forgiven so they can avoid the working world as long as possible.

Politicians who find real work beneath them, opt to instead divide us against one another, blaming those who work harder have more wealth for the idiotic mistakes misfortunes of others.

Non-profits and their army of "employees" always championing some cause or another, yet never solving it.

And all of them, ALL OF THEM, blaming people with more money as the cause of the world's problems, yet ironically demanding rich people's evil money as the solution.

One could even argue that the true job of a communist, socialist or leftist is to CONSTANTLY come up with new reasons and rationales as to why they're disadvantaged, oppressed, discriminated against, etc., and therefore deserving of other people's life and labor.  It makes me wonder if they had just put forth the same effort they did into parasiting off of others towards productive endeavors in the real world, whether or not they'd all be millionaires.  Regardless, if you look at people who advocate socialism you will see them wasting nearly every minute of their fininte lives begging, scamming, and demanding other people's

Of course, none of this makes sense unless I provide some evidence.  And the empirical proof I'd like to tender are the founders, supporters, and advocates of communism themselves.  For if you look at them the vast majority of them are precisely what my theory would predict they'd be: rich, spoiled brats, that hail from the upper classes of society, who were so lazy and so fearful of real work, they spent the lions share of their lives advocating the theft of others.  And it is AMAZING how accurate and applicable this description is to all communists over the ages.

Karl Marx himself hailed from a well-to-do family where his father was a lawyer and vineyard owner, allowing Karl to attend private schools and join a drinking club.  Avoiding work with all of his might, Karl fancied himself a great philosopher which led to his genuinely unintelligible writings, but also a perpetual parasitic reliance on others to support him.  Most notably, Friedrich Engels...who was also a spoiled brat pampered son of a rich man.  The irony that communism couldn't exist without first parasiting off of capitalism should make one think.

Vladimir Lenin, perhaps the original executor and implementer of socialism, also was not missing any meals in his childhood.  His father, Ilya, was a rather well to do director in the school system in Russia.  Despite the passing of his father early in life, there was enough money to send Lenin to university where today's millennials...majored in protesting and not any kind of serious study.

Mao Zedong, the son of an incredibly rich father, was just another spoiled brat in a different country...who ended up starving out 50 million of his own countrymen.  And a little to his south, a few years later would come Pol Pot, the son of a relatively well to do farmer, who would go on to study in France (which most of us never had the money to do)...and kill only 2 million of his own countrymen.  Both early adapters, advocates, and implementers of socialism.

I could go on with historical communist figures, and you'd find a shocking majority of them were just spoiled rich kids who wanted to tell the world what to do, but you will see a similar, almost identical profile of people who advocate socialism, communism, and leftism today.

Today's professorial class, ESPECIALLY in the liberal arts are by FAR the weakest minded, most fraudulent parasites in today's western world.  Not only are they too lazy to work real jobs, they're complete hypocrites living off of their presumed beloved "young."  Having no real skills to offer society, they instead sell their fake "trade" to naive college students for $200 a credit and $150 per textbook.  In exchange these naive students receive a worthless piece of paper, sopping wet with rank leftist propaganda, so they're too brainwashed to realize how much they just got screwed over by their professors.  Of course, to keep this racket up, this communist class of professors need a perpetual inflow of government money, and therefore it should notbe surprising they are the most fervent advocates of communism.

Today's students are simply the proto-professorial class.  Most of them hailing from the SWPL white suburbs, or flooded with tons of scholarship money because of their minority status or vagina, they too are spoiled children who like Marx, Mao, and Lenin find real work beneath them.  Thus when given the choice between majoring in engineering or political science, they'll chose political science because (once again) they're lazy and are deathly afraid of real work.  Of course, just like Marx, Mao, and Lenin, this won't stop them from telling the rest of the world how to live...perhaps become parasitic professors themselves...but such intellectual hypocrisy won't bother them as they vote for Bernie Sanders to take your money so they can live the parasitic life of a professional student.

Journalists anyone?  Speaking of lazy and worthless degrees, could there be a better major that more clearly declares to the world "I'm lazy, don't want to work hard, but want to have a job that strokes my ego!"?  Their desperate desire for an easy and lazy life shines through with the horrendous political bias "journalists" have.  And that political bias is, you guessed it, to the left.

And politicians.  Unless specifically anti-communist, nearly every democrat/labor/leftist/socialist/left-leaning political party in the world is staffed by worthless, lazy people, typically from rich backgrounds, who have the gall to not only demand other people work hard to pay for their salaries, but demand to be put in charge of the world's governments, and thus rule the world.  If there is proof that there's a second "incentive" or motive for communists and socialists beyond laziness/weakness/fear, it is ego.  You see it in professors, protestors, college students, media, non-profit directors, and others.  But nowhere is ego as prominent as it is in our politicians.

So my question to you is, why would you bother wasting your time arguing the differences between "Trotskyite communism" vs. "Leninism" vs. "Marxism" when the entire political philosophy is explained in one word - parasitism?  Why would you waste your time arguing at their pig-in-mud level when you can simply dismiss them all as lazy pigs?  Communists, whatever their incarnation, be they historical figures, your university professors, your local democratic politician, etc., are lazy, worthless, parasitic human beings who cowardly hide behind lofty and fabricated academic theories, solely created to steal your wealth, all while boosting their egos as they fool themselves into thinking they're somehow smart, educated, or superior.  And if it isn't lofty, fabricated academic theories, it's rank and cowardly lies such as "privilege," "racism," "the glass ceiling," etc.

My life, as well as yours, is too damn short to tolerate these lazy, egotistical, and above all else, evil people.  And I am not going to validate them by giving their arguments credit or trying to debate them using their premises.  I'm going to simply call them what they are and dismiss them as such, because that's all they deserve.

They're a bunch of spoiled brat, lazy, weak, parasites.
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